Tea Shelf

A colourful card gallery of owned teas and tisanes with fuzzy searching and configurable brewing timers. Can work as an offline web app.

Built with React. Source code.

Anime List

Custom data table and gallery which can be searched, filtered, and sorted by multiple columns simultaneously. Additional data powered by Jikan API.

Built with React and Bootstrap. Source code.

Breakout 3D

A three-level breakout game running in the browser using WebGL. Built from the ground up using basic models and textures. Complete with points, lives, power-ups, and flavour text.

Built with Three.js. Source code.

Firefly Haven

Simple serene 3D scene with randomly generated terrain and particle effects. Fireflies around the tree move individually using the Lévy flight algorithm. Background stars twinkle and rotate to mimic a night sky.

Built with Three.js. Source code